The Port St. Joe monument will reopen soon

PORT ST. JOE, Fla. (WMBB) – The St. Joe Company will soon begin opening portions of the new Point
Marina South in Port St. Joe.

Local charter boat captain Pete Barwick and his boys said they have been waiting a long time for the Point South marina to reopen in Port St. Joe.

It was destroyed by Hurricane Michael in 2018.

“First we lost everything in the hurricane, and so we had to scale down our boats and everything to be able to do it comfortably every day,” Barwick said.

Barwick also said they were limited as they had to use a trailer to launch their boats.

But they should soon be able to use the marina again.

“My goal is that we can open it in phases,” Point South Marina general manager Preston Sutter said. “By next spring, my team will have our procedures and culture in place where we will be firing on all cylinders and ready to take care of everyone in every aspect of this marina.”

There will be plenty of amenities at the marina. Rinse stations, pontoon rentals and a yacht club are just the start.

There will also be a boat shop selling everything needed for a day on the water, including fuel and ice.

Inside the 63,000 square foot boat barn is a Wiggins Marina Bull. He can lift up to 30,000 lbs. and can lift boats up to 43 feet. It is one of the largest forklifts on the market.

The barn’s 252 dry docks can accommodate boats up to 45 feet long.

There will also be 48 docks at the marina.

“It will help our business and help everyone else be able to bring back their bigger boats that had to leave town, so yeah, we’re just excited,” Barwick said.

The drydocks should be available by the end of the year. Wet slides are part of the next phase.

If you would like to reserve a berth at the new boat barn, click here for a link to the marina reservation page.

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