“Ukrainian flags are omnipresent in Belgian town halls”, explains Andy Vermaut, “and yet they benefit the war against Ukraine”.

Andy Vermaut, as a peace activist from Vredesactie (Peace Action), presented a proposal to the municipal council of the Belgian municipality of Diksmuide. Andy Vermaut: “How do you explain to Ukrainian refugees in Belgium that we are also financing the war against them?”

The Belgian city “Diksmuide” organized on July 4, 2022 the first public gathering in Europe which allowed a citizen inquiry into the war against Ukraine

I am convinced that many people are unaware of the acts in which more than 70% of our cities and towns are unwittingly complicit.

— Andy Vermaut, member of Vredesactie (Action for Peace)

DIKSMUIDE, WEST-VLAANDEREN, BELGIUM, July 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Ukrainian flags are everywhere in Belgian town halls”, says Andy Vermouth“Yet these cities profit from Russia’s war against Ukraine via Fluxys.”
Almost all town halls in Belgium wave Ukrainian flags as a sign of solidarity and support for the Ukrainian people, which is a nice gesture in itself, and in Diksmuide a well-attended moment of reflection in response to the conflict in Ukraine was organized on the market square of Diksmuide as a city of peace, all in solidarity with the Ukrainian people. All the city councilors subscribed to it, since Diksmuide knows all too well the ravages that war can produce, due to the First World War which decimated the entire city. Andy Vermaut raised this question during the municipal council of July 4, 2022, at the town hall of Diksmuide. After all, by investing in Fluxys, we (the Belgian communities) indirectly support Russia’s war against Ukraine, making our reception of Ukrainian refugees less likely and less credible. It also damages the credibility of our local and communal administrations, 90% of which are involved in Fluxys. Andy Vermaut, a concerned citizen, finds this quite disturbing.

Andy Vermaut: “The odious battle in Ukraine has been going on for six months now. This war resulted in serious human rights violations, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and the death of several people. Fuel exports provide about 40% of Russian government revenue. , the European Union has tried to reduce Russian imports of coal and oil. Gas imports are also rapidly disappearing. Nevertheless, our country remains an essential part of the Russian economy. Fluxys has entered into a €1 billion contract with Yamal LNG for the storage and transshipment of Russian gas since 2019. (LNG). Fluxys terminals process up to 10% of Russian natural gas (LNG). This gas (LNG) is almost entirely destined for countries in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America. Therefore, it is not used on the Belgian market. The Yamal LNG contract, on the other hand, does not help anyone. Thanks to this transaction, Fluxys was able to increase its dividend per share by 7 cents, from €1.30 to €1.30. 1.37.Mun Municipalities and communities always benefit from the conflict, and it looks like the dividend will be widened in the future. Despite the UK banning all imports of Russian gas (LNG) in March, Russian gas (LNG) continues to arrive at the Belgian port of Zeebrugge and is stored there for transport to countries outside the EU. ‘European Union. According to the Marine Traffic website, nine tankers carrying Russian LNG alone docked in June 2022. This equates to 1.5 million cubic meters of LNG gas.

A citizen point
Andy Vermaut: “My municipality is the Flemish-Belgian town of Diksmuide, this town almost as big as Brussels is also a member of Fluxys via the many intermunicipal organizations in which it is involved. Unfortunately, few people know that Fluxys indirectly finances Russia That is why I have asked our Mayor of Diksmuide to send a letter to Daniël Termont, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fluxys, expressing his concerns to this topic. This is why I symbolically proposed my case to the mayor of Diksmuide, Lies Laridon, as a citizen point for the meeting of the municipal council on July 4, 2022. As you know, I am a member of the Flemish organization for peace Vredesactie (Action for Peace) for many years, and of my organization Postversa, of which I am the president, works closely with Vredesactie and Pax Christi, but I have also taken this message to the city council as a citizen Diksmuide concerned. I would like to thank the mayor, Lies Laridon, in particular for the rare opportunity to explain this here, sin This is the first public political gathering in Belgium to allow such a citizen inquiry into this issue. Diksmuide deserves the credit. I am convinced that many people are unaware of the acts in which more than 70% of our cities and towns are unwittingly complicit. I am therefore not only targeting the municipal council of Diksmuide, but all Belgian local councils. Nevertheless, I find it strange that Fluxys has not made any public disclosure about this. That’s why I don’t blame anyone in Diksmuide. After all, it is difficult to act if knowledge is not shared with our local decision makers. Personally, I find it unfortunate that Fluxys does not share this information locally. We may have municipal representatives in all these intermunicipal companies that interact with Fluxys, but very little information comes back to them. Municipal councils properly authorize representatives, but rarely explain to these representatives what they are doing with these mandates. However, I am glad and happy since the Belgian mayor, Lies Laridon, said she would also pass on her concerns. “


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