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A Hunt County landmark that once heralded the arrival of travelers to the town of Grenville will soon welcome students to a new school.

Since its construction over 120 years ago, the former Missouri, Kansas & Texas (MKT) Railroad – or “Katy” – Depot once hosted countless numbers of people passing through town on their way to other locations, a played a part in a televised prison break spectacular and hosted various businesses within its walls.

The depot at 3102 Lee St. was built in 1896 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The depot is in the midst of major renovations to prepare for the Depot Christian School. Crews began rebuilding the roof of the building this week and more interior renovations are planned soon, according to manager Katie Moore.

“It will be a private Christian school with individualized learning paths,” Moore said in an announcement in June. “We will focus on guiding students towards the life path/career choice of their vocation. We will also provide an option for homeschooled families with students in grades 3-12 to participate in enrichment activities, service projects, and field trips on Fridays.

The depot itself is an important part of downtown Greenville and also part of the city’s history.

According to the historical marker outside, Denison’s first train reached Greenville on October 1, 1880. The Katy immediately extended its route to Mineola, and the arrival of rail service sparked an economic boom in Greenville and the county. from Hunter.

Two local residents, attorney Daniel Ray and his friend, John Hill, purchased the building in January 2014 and began the renovation effort on the “Upper Single Fixer”, working with family members, friends and other volunteers.

The Katy Depot opened in 1896 and was remodeled in 2007 to house Fox’s debut TV program “Prison Break,” which filmed one of its major episodes at the station. The Katy Depot replaced a train station in Evansville, Ind., during “Chicago”, which first aired February 5, 2007, and was the highest-rated episode of the show’s second season. The same episode also featured the train crashing into a roadblock of law enforcement vehicles, which was filmed along the tracks just north of Greenville.

When Ray and Hill began the process, they discovered that the inside of the repository was filled with piles of historic Greenville artifacts, which former owner George Warren had collected over the years, as well as relics from Greenville’s past. the station.

On one wall was a map of the MKT railway, thought to be from the late 1800s and possibly in place when the station opened. On the map, the state of Oklahoma is still called “Indian territory”. Around another corner were the original turnouts to change tracks for incoming and outgoing trains, and a telegraph that was probably used for decades.

During the initial renovations, more than a dozen large windows in the depot were replaced and the large loading dock at the rear of the building was removed.

All the interior bricks have been repointed, including above the large fireplace, and the interior floors have been glued back together.

Additional information about The Depot Christian School can be found on the Next School’s website:

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