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Sight & Sound Films to bring true stories of historical figures to movie theaters nationwide from December 2022

LANCASTER – After five decades of bringing Bible stories to life on stage in two locations for more than 30 million people, Sight & Sound announces the latest expansion of its ministry, Sight & Sound Films.

Known for creating spectacular family entertainment experiences, Sight & Sound takes its art from the big stage to the big screen.

With a long-standing team of talented writers, actors, engineers, builders and even animal trainers, the addition of film production is the next step in reaching the world with inspiring true stories.

“This multi-generational family ministry started as a traveling multimedia show, so in many ways making movies feels like going back to our roots,” said Josh Enck, president and story director of Sight & Sound.

“Not only are we excited to expand into this new medium, but we are excited to venture into new stories from the pages of the past waiting to be told.”

Sight & Sound Films will focus on true stories of historical figures who have had a significant impact on history due to their faith.

“We are honored that God has given us this opportunity to extend our passion for sharing stories of faith beyond the stage,” shared Matt Neff, CEO of Sight & Sound.

“We want these films to ring above the noise of culture and bring hope, truth and inspiration to the big screen.”

Sight & Sound Films’ first feature, ‘I Heard the Bells’, will be released in December 2022. The film will share the inspiring true story behind the famous Christmas carol and the life of its author, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Synopsis I Heard the Bells

Known as the American poet, Henry leads an idyllic life, until the day his world is turned upside down by a tragedy. With a nation divided by civil war and his family torn apart, Henry lays down his pen, silenced by grief. But it is the sound of Christmas morning that revives the poet’s lost voice as he discovers the resounding hope of a revived faith.

About sight and sound

Sight & Sound® is a ministry whose mission is to create spectacular entertainment experiences for the whole family.

Since its beginnings as a traveling multimedia show in 1976, Sight & Sound has inspired more than 30 million people with stories of faith.

Today, Sight & Sound owns and operates two live theater venues, immersing audiences in original, state-of-the-art productions.

Sight & Sound TV was launched in 2020, and this online streaming platform has since hosted a global virtual audience from over 175 countries around the world.

Most recently, an expansion into feature films was announced, with a first-ever theatrical release slated for cinemas nationwide in December 2022.

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