Why the movie is better than you remember

In 1998, a film called Out of sight has been freed. He played George Clooneythe newest Batman at the time, and someone people still thought of as Doctor Doug Ross from Emergency room., and Jennifer Lopezsinger and dancer, not yet a pop star, best known for her roles in Anaconda and Money train. It was directed by an artistic director, whose last film was Grey’s Anatomy (not the TV series, an experimental film). For the three, Out of sight changed their career for the better. For the two protagonists, it proved that they could be movie stars and that they had charisma to spare. For Steven Soderbergh, it showed he could use his unique vision for fun, mainstream films. Without Out of sightThere’s no oceans trilogy for him, that’s for sure. Why was this movie so important to their careers, and why is this movie better than you remember? Glad you asked:


George Clooney + Jennifer Lopez = Gold

Jack Foley (Clooney) is a career bank robber who breaks out of prison just as U.S. Marshal Karen Sisco (Lopez) is around. They meet, literally, in the trunk of a car. From there, sparks fly. If you looked up the word chemistry in the dictionary, there would be a picture of both in this movie. From the moment they meet, you can see it’s just the beginning. Jack could be the movie lethal man, tempting the Marshal into a life of evil deeds. But, he has some integrity for a thief, and things turn out differently. The scene in the trunk and the subsequent scene at the hotel in Detroit show the desire they have for each other. They both know it’s not a good idea, but they can’t help it.

They both did a great job on this movie. It was the first collaboration between Soderbergh and Clooney, and the latter has never been better. He’s sexy, he’s a villain; he knows we know all this, and we still fall in love with him. Jennifer Lopez proved here that the camera loved her, and it was the first step to becoming one of the most important rom-com actresses we’ve had in the last twenty years.

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Incredible Cast

Clooney, Lopez, Don Cheadle (in one of his best performances), Ving Rhames, Steve Zahn, Luis Guzman, Albert Brooks, Dennis Farina, Catherine Keener, Michael Keaton, Viola Davis and Samuel L. Jackson all appear in this film . . Some have small roles full of personality. Soderbergh has always surrounded himself with great actors, and this time was no different. He told Dennis Lim, “If you look at the cast, they’re people who know what they’re doing.” Understatement of the year. All of these actors ended up making their own movies.

Michael Keaton deserves a special mention, as he appears as Ray Nicolette, the same character he plays in Jackie Brown. In the DVD commentary, Soderbergh explains that this cameo was possible thanks to Tarantino, who mediated between the two studios when the character appears in both books. It also has the nice wrinkle that this cameo makes the film part of the Tarantino universe. Maybe Foley and Sisco could have a date at a Big Kahuna Burger? Or is Sisco investigating The Bride’s murder of Vernita Green in Kill Bill? So many possibilities!

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sexy black well done

As we’ve said before, the chemistry between Clooney and Lopez is pure fire. Their two scenes together (the vault and the hotel in Detroit) are two of the sexiest scenes you’ve seen in movies, where there’s no nudity. The movie was even voted the sexiest movie of all time by Entertainment Weekly.

Why are we talking so much about the hotel scene? Well, it’s night in Detroit in the hotel lounge (Detroit has never looked so dreamy as it does in this scene), and our two protagonists meet. Soderbergh alternates images of flirtation and consumerism (he admits having stolen the idea from Don’t look now), and this editing trick gives the moment (both moments) a lot more rhythm. We go back and forth, the words in front of the images, from the bar to the bed and back, as if they were in too much of a hurry to follow up, not said, but desired by both. They both know and want what’s next. But, they both know that it will complicate things even more. The film could be called Out of sight, but this scene is about stolen moments in plain sight.

Excellent book adaptation

Out of sight is one of Soderbergh’s best films, but it’s also one of the best film adaptations of an Elmore Leonard book. This was at a time when Hollywood had finally learned to adapt their books, as they had hits with both Get Shorty and Jackie Brown. Scott Frank had already written the script for Get Shortyand also wrote Out of sight. He knew the secret to adapting his books was to let them breathe and use as many as they could, because, as Leonard himself once said, “I’ve always seen my books as movies”. That’s why the dialogues and the rhythm are already quite cinematic.

This story contains many of Leonard: Miami’s staples, unique rogues treated with love, incredible dialogue, and pop culture references. All of that is great recipe for a movie, but what gives this one the edge is that Soderbergh uses all of those amazing sets and infuses his vision and style, creating a once-in-a-lifetime adaptation. This vision changed the careers of himself, George Cloony and Jennifer Lopez. Not bad for an “ordinary” movie about an unlucky thief and a competent US Marshall.

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