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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – Beer and bologna will soon be served at a landmark in Schnitzelburg.

Three years have passed since the last customer walked into the old Hauck’s Handy Store.

The shop was open from 1912 until 2019 when it was closed.

After a thorough renovation, the former general store is only a few weeks away from reopening its doors. The restaurant and bar are now known as Hauck’s Corner.

Jeff Walschon has worked over the past 18 months to ensure the company stays true to its past.

“I salvaged everything I could from here. I filled, like, two gutted houses and two garages with all the stuff. I had to fix the foundations,” Walschon said.

The wood, from the floor to the new counter, comes from the old store. The cooler that cooled the lunch meat and sodas is still buzzing.

“It works like a charm. They don’t do things like that like they used to,” Walschon said.

Almost everywhere you look, from the green wall tiles to the vintage sign out front, you get a sense of familiarity.

“Every table in this place is an old door to the building,” Walschon said. “These are all old doorknobs. These are for purse hooks.”

Walschon dedicates this space to local neighbors and one man: George Hauck.

A picture of George Hauck hangs in the newly renovated Hauck’s Corner in the Schnitzelburg district. (Photo WDRB)

“It seems like anyone who’s lived in this neighborhood has a story about George,” Walschon said.

Longtime owner George Hauck, who passed away in 2020, brought the World Dainty Contest to his street.

As you pass the bar and into the old apartment building, there is a museum dedicated to the German game played around the corner every July.

Both the exterior and interior of Hauck’s have changed and some things may cost more than 25 years ago, but the legacy remains 110 years later.

“It’s a great space for people to come together, and that’s what I intend to use it for,” Walschon said.

Walschon hopes to open the business by this year’s World Dainty Contest, to be held on the last Monday in July.

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