Sunderland landmarks will be lit up in red to raise awareness of the importance of defibrillator access

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The Northern Spire Bridge is one of seven landmarks to be lit up in red to raise awareness of the importance of CPR training and community access to defibrillators.

A joint initiative by Rotary North East and Sunderland City Council will see the Penshaw Monument, Northern Spire Bridge, Fulwell Mill, Hylton Castle, Keel Square, High Street West and Cliffe Park Lighthouse lit up in red from dusk to sundown. dawn.

The Rotary Club campaigned to raise funds to provide Community Public Access Defibrillators (CPADs) as well as CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training for local communities.

Since July 2020, Rotary North East has installed around 60 defibrillators in the region, including 20 in Washington.

Phil Hopps with one of the defibrillators installed by Rotary North East.

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Community Services team leader Phil Hopps said: ‘Every minute that passes for someone who has had a cardiac arrest and does not have access to a defibrillator, their chances of survival go down by 10%.

“It just goes to show that time is of the essence and the effectiveness of defibrillators. CPR is also vital, which is why training is so important and people have the confidence to use it.

“We also know that many buildings and workplaces have defibrillators inside and we just encourage people to consider installing them outside in an enclosure to allow public access.”

Studies have shown that a shock delivered from a defibrillator within three to five minutes can produce survival rates between 50 and 70 percent.

Phil added: “The landmark illumination is not only intended to help raise awareness for CPADs, but is also an acknowledgment of the wonderful efforts made by local community groups and individuals to see an increase in this potentially lifesaving piece of equipment in the Region.”

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