In landmark decision, India’s Supreme Court says no one can be forced to get vaccinated against COVID-19

No one can be compelled to get vaccinated against COVID-19, India’s Supreme Court said in a landmark decision on Monday.

The Supreme Court also asked the Center to make public the possible effects of these vaccinations.

The court delivered judgment in a plea filed by Jacob Puliyel, who had sought instructions for the disclosure of data on clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines and post-jab cases.

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The current COVID-19 vaccine policy cannot be considered patently arbitrary and unreasonable, said a panel of judges, L Nageswara Rao and BR Gavai, hearing the case.

Bodily autonomy and integrity are protected by Section 21 of the Constitution, the Supreme Court has said.

“Until the numbers are low, we suggest that relevant orders be followed and that no restrictions be placed on unvaccinated people on access to public areas or the same recalled if not already done. “, added the bench.

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Regarding the separation of vaccine trial data, subject to confidentiality of individuals, all trials conducted and to be conducted in the future, all data should be made available to the public without delay, he said. .

The Center has also been instructed by the Supreme Court to publish any reports of adverse vaccine events from the public and physicians on a publicly accessible system without compromising individual data.


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