Cognex In-Sight 2800 combines deep learning and traditional vision in one easy-to-use package

“It has never been easier to apply deep learning to a production line,” said Carl Gerst, Executive Vice President Products, Platforms and Solutions. “The In-Sight 2800 system can be trained with just a few images to automate everything from simple pass/fail inspections to advanced classification and sorting – no PC or programming required.”

In-Sight’s EasyBuilder interface guides users step-by-step through the application development process, making it easy to set up any task, even for new vision users. Experienced users will appreciate how In-Sight’s intuitive point-and-click interface simplifies the development of more complex applications and speeds up operations.

The combination of deep learning and traditional vision tools gives users the flexibility to solve a wide range of inspection applications – operators simply select the tool designed to provide the highest possible accuracy for their task. Tools can be used individually for simple tasks or chained together for more complex logic sequences.

The toolset also includes ViDi EL Classify. Using as few as five images, this powerful classification tool can be trained to identify and sort defects into different categories and correctly identify parts with variations. The ability to categorize by multiple features or characteristics allows users to solve more tasks with a single vision solution.

The new In-Sight 2800 system also offers a wide variety of field-modifiable accessories and components to help users quickly adapt to changes such as new parts, faster line speeds, and quality standards. higher.

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Cognex is the global leader in the machine vision industry, having shipped more than 2 million image-based products, representing more than $7 billion of cumulative turnover since the creation of the company in 1981. Based in Natick, Mass.United States, Cognex has offices and distributors located throughout America, Europe and Asia. For more details, visit Cognex online at

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