Texas Rangers and Trade The Chain Sign Historic Sponsorship Agreement Fully Paid in Cryptocurrency

Arlington, TX– The Texas Rangers Baseball Club today announced an agreement with global trading community, Trade The Chain, to become the proud cryptocurrency partner of the Texas Rangers.

Trade The Chain will pour its entire sponsorship deal into a basket of crypto assets including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The deal is believed to be Major League Baseball’s first partnership paid for entirely in cryptocurrency.

“Trade The Chain’s mission to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone makes them a great partner for our club as we begin a new journey in the digital finance space,” said Neil Leibman, President of Trade Operations. and COO of the Texas Rangers. “Receiving the first part of Bitcoin and Ethereum was a truly momentous occasion for our partnerships and finance departments, and for the entire Rangers front office. We are thrilled to announce Trade The Chain as a proud cryptocurrency partner of Texas Rangers and look forward to seeing this partnership grow.

“A Major League Baseball team accepting Bitcoin and ETH as payment for a partnership is a watershed moment for cryptocurrencies,” said Trade The Chain co-founder Alex Mascioli. “Rangers have embraced our fledgling industry from the start, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.”

The interactive community provided by Trade The Chain uses actionable sentiment indicators, real-time development alerts, and a price prediction algorithm to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level, background, location or experience.

To learn more about Trade The Chain and its global community of traders, visit tradethechain.com.

Trade The Chain is a global community of market-independent crypto traders and enthusiasts that empowers anyone, regardless of skill level, background, location or experience, to learn from each other and share insights. success strategies.

In addition to the interactive community, Trade The Chain also provides access to actionable sentiment indicators, real-time significant development alerts and a price prediction algorithm – data that until now was only used by hedge funds and other financial institutions to help them make more informed trading decisions.

Trade The Chain members can take advantage of tools that give them the same edge as more sophisticated players, at a fraction of the cost.

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