In three decades, Kinfra crosses several milestones; seeks to rely on its antecedents

The Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (Kinfra), now in its 30 and year of existence, achieved a significant milestone by successfully implementing a multitude of projects within a limited timeframe during the year 2021-22.

Kinfra is mandated to undertake the development of industrial zones to foster industrialization in Kerala. Various programs to provide relief and industrial safety under the state government’s Covid-19 rehabilitation policy have helped it achieve a commendable performance in 2021-22, P Rajeeve said here, Minister of Industries.

In line with the state government’s ease of doing business policy, Kinfra has simplified various procedures under a time-limited plan, providing better infrastructure such as transport, electricity, water and communication.

Land allocation quickly

Land allocations through January have created at least 20,900 jobs and attracted ₹1,522 crore of private investment A comparison of land allocations over the past five years with investment and job creation for 2021-22 through January, indicates that the growth achieved in a single year had matched that of previous years.

Over the past five years, land allotments amounted to 527.21 acres, while 128.82 acres were allotted in 2021-22 (until January 2022) alone. The allocation of multi-storey factory buildings has amounted to 6,80,619.06 square feet over the past five years, while 3,45,800.42 square feet have been allocated through January this year. The number of units, jobs and investments during the 5-year period were ₹540, 17,228 and ₹1,731.53 crore, while in 2021-2022 they are 62, 20, respectively 888 and ₹1,522.1 crore.

Industrial Corridor Project

The year 2021-22 was also a year of significant progress in land acquisition for the Kochi-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor. The 2,240 acre land acquisition work was planned at two nodes. Of this number, 87% will be acquired by May of this year. An investment of ₹10,000 crore is expected at the Palakkad node, creating 22,000 direct jobs and 80,000 indirect jobs.

An investment of ₹3,000 crore is planned for the Gift City-Ernakulam node. About 10,000 direct jobs and 20,000 indirect jobs should be generated there. When completed, this project would generate around ₹600 crore annually to the state treasury, the minister pointed out.

Kinfra parks among the best

The Centre’s industrial park rating system has rated up to five parks in Kinfra as the best in the South. These are the Kinfra High Tech Park, Kochi; the Kinfra Mega Food Park, Palakkad; the Kinfra Film & Video Park, Kazhakoottam; Kinfra Small Industries Park, Mazhuvannur; and the Kinfra Integrated Industrial Park, Kanjikode. Leading companies such as TCS, Tata Elxsi, V-Guard, Agappe Diagnostics, Hykon, Winwish Technologies, Trans Asian Shipping Co and Jolly Coates were awarded in 2021-22.

For the ongoing projects, Kinfra will spend ₹300 crore for the development of the basic infrastructure of the petrochemical park being set up on 481 acres in Kochi Ambalamugal with an investment of ₹1,200 crore. The project has received environmental clearance from the Union Department of Environment and Climate Change, and 230 acres of land have been awarded to 35 investors.

Petrochemical park project

Of these, 170 acres were granted to BPCL. These projects are expected to generate nearly 11,000 jobs for an investment of ₹10,000 crore. The park, which has been started at a cost of ₹150 crore, will be fully operational by October 2024, the minister said.

Idukki Spice Park

The currently ongoing Idukki Spice Park is a project under the MSME-CDP Program of the Union Ministry of MSMEs. The first phase involving an investment of ₹12.5 crore is underway in Muttam. The Center will provide a grant of ₹5 crore for the project through the stages generating around 300 jobs for a total investment of ₹45 crore.

Other ongoing projects

Other ongoing projects include Electronic Manufacturing Cluster, Kakkanad, Kochi, on 66 acres under which land has been allocated for seven units. The project is expected to create 11,230 jobs for an investment of ₹820 crore and would be completed by December 2023.

The International Exhibition and Convention Center, Kakkanad, Kochi provides a permanent exhibition center especially for the MSME sector. It is expected to be completed by October 2023. Kinfra Small Industries Park, Mattannur in Kannur is under construction on 127 acres. The project is expected to create around 200 jobs for an investment of ₹30 crore. The project will be completed by September 2023.

It is proposed to build a rice park each in Palakkad (five acres) and Alappuzha (5.5 acres). Construction activities are expected to be completed within 24 months of land acquisition by March 2023. Approximately 5,000 acres of land have been acquired for industrial purposes in Kannur as part of a land reserve.

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March 25, 2022

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