Zelensky releases new video about the war in Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky released a new video about the war in Ukraine.

The video posted on President’s Facebook The story shows the destruction of Ukrainian cities by Russian troops, the death of civilians by Russian weapons.

The Ukrainian president dubbed the video into English. Zelensky condemns the terrorist acts committed by the Russian Federation against Ukraine. He also stresses that Ukraine will remember all those who fell in this war. Zelensky points out that Ukraine will definitely win.

“We will overcome. There will be new cities. There will be new dreams. There will be a new story. There will be, there is no doubt. And those we have lost will be remembered. , underlined the president.

On February 24, Russian President Putin announced the start of the invasion of Ukraine. Russian troops bombard and destroy key infrastructure, massively fire on residential areas of Ukrainian towns and villages using artillery, multiple rocket launcher systems and ballistic missiles.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces, Territorial Defense Units and the entire Ukrainian people have risen up against the invaders and are inflicting heavy casualties on the Russian aggressors.


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