US warns of possible Russian chemical attack in Ukraine

AP/a BC; EU 5b306e611d2a7fc3d20165a54cf38062–4–a5766debc5514e90130316ff821c32d1.e27d0f98063/10/2022 19:37:16Russia; Ukraine; War; Things; for; KnowRussia-Ukraine war: Key developments in the ongoing conflictRussia’s two-week war in Ukraine has forced 2 million people to flee the country AP Photo transref:NYAG519, transref:NYAG517, transref:NYAG505, transref:NYAG513, transref :NYAG502, transref:DCJE209, transref:XVG118, transref:NYAG514, transref:NYAG501, transref:XPG102, transref:XVG123, transref:XVG121, transref:GB115, transref:XVG114, transref:XVG106, transref:XVG105, transref:XVG125 , transref: NYAG515 Eds: UPDATES: with more details, adds Harris details, developments, more photos. With AP Photos.Russia-Ukraine War: Key Developments in Ongoing ConflictRussia’s two-week war in Ukraine has killed thousands of soldiers and civilians and forced more than 2 million to flee the country, shaking the foundations of European security. Across Ukraine, civilians still trapped in besieged or destroyed areas suffer from power outages and shortages of food, medicine and other vital services. Thousands of people hoped that the six humanitarian corridors agreed so far would hold during a planned one-day ceasefire in these areas. Thursday _ even as talks for a broad truce collapsed. A Russian airstrike on a maternity hospital in the port city of Mariupol that killed three people on Wednesday, including a child, sparked outrage, with Ukrainian and Western officials calling it a war crime. US Vice President Kamala Harris, visiting Poland on Thursday, responded positively to calls for an international investigation, although she did not directly accuse Russia of committing war crimes. Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. The foreign ministers of Ukraine and Russia met in Turkey on Thursday as part of their highest-level talks so far, but little progress appears to have been made at the meeting. The two-week war has forced 2 million people to flee the country, half of them children. a maternity hospital in Mariupol, the injured discharged from hospital included women awaiting delivery, children and doctors. Rescuers evacuated the injured, including a pregnant woman on a stretcher. Her face was pale and she grabbed her stomach before being loaded into an ambulance. Outside the hospital, a woman holding a small child cried as a Ukrainian soldier bandaged another woman’s head. The World Health Organization says it has confirmed 18 attacks on medical facilities since the Russian invasion began two weeks ago. Mariupol workers were also unceremoniously buried on Wednesday. at least 70 people, soldiers and civilians, in a trench dug in a cemetery in the heart of the city. Some had died in the war, others from natural causes. AP photographers and reporters on Wednesday filmed civilians from towns northwest of the capital heading towards Kyiv through a humanitarian corridor. With sporadic gunfire echoing behind them, firefighters dragged an elderly man to safety in a wheelbarrow, a child grabbed the hand of a helping soldier and a woman cradled her way, cradling a fluffy cat in his winter coat. The Mariupol city council released a video on Thursday showing buses driving on a highway, saying a convoy bringing food and medicine was trying to reach the city

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